My name is Sean McCann, I am a biologist and amateur photographer. I wrote my thesis on Red-throated Caracara foraging biology, having spent 5 seasons in French Guiana studying these fascinating birds. I have also studied social wasp defensive behavior and have worked on mosquito reproductive ecology.
I live in Vancouver, BC. Unless otherwise noted, all photos copyright Sean McCann. Please contact me for permission to use them .
You can contact me at smccann27 at gmail.com
My photos on flickr can be found here.

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  3. I stumbled on this blog while trying to identify what kind of spider nests these unusual things were alll over my moms front porch in alameda California. I browsed through several of your blog posts and wanted to say I enjoyed it and like your enthusiasm, love, respect, fascination and admiration for all the bugs and animals you photograph so beautifully. It makes me smile and I think ill continue to read it from time to time. Thanks for sharing. Ill certainly also learn quite a lot from it too. 🙂

    • Hi Kristen, thanks for the comment! I would love to see what kind of spiders you have found. Sorry I did not see your comment before, I must not have my email notifications set up properly!

  4. Hi Sean,

    I found your photographs of Habrobracon hebetor and I am wondering if you could looks at my (not as good as yours) to see is it may be same species of insect. Thanks for the great photos!

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