A few from McDonald Beach


Like a fairy god, this grass veneer moth sits on a bejewelled seat.

The summer insect fauna is winding down, so I thought I would go out for a quick stroll at McDonald Beach to see some of my favourites before they disappear. If you want to know what else I was up to this weekend, check out this awesome post by Catherine Scott on the Spiders Unravelled event at Iona Beach!


When the Ammophila are gone, so will be one of the best opportunities to practice lighting and composition. I will miss them! Here is a shot with the morning sun flaring the lens and highlighting the wings.


A slightly different angle and the flare is gone, and the sky takes on a creamy hue.


With my bounce card behind, I have the makings of a studio-style “Meet Your Neighbours” shot.


The cool fall weather allows close approach to otherwise flighty species.


Again, the grass veneer, showing its pretty white wings.


A shy wolf spider on the beach.


A male Castianeira with a missing palp. I would bet he has some raunchy stories to tell about that.


A long-jawed orbweaver, finishing her meal.