Baby Raccoon Break 2!


After last night’s depressing post, I got a bit of a lift from some raccoons that we found on the way to the lab. I reckon this is the same family I shot a few weeks ago. This time they apparently came into the lab, and when Catherine and I came upon them, they were scavenging in a dumpster outside the Chemistry Building. Anyway, enjoy the baby raccoon break!

lab inspection

Surprise lab inspection! Photo by Mike Hrabar.


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One thought on “Baby Raccoon Break 2!

  1. When I lived in California, our porch had a doggy door, and one night a pair of raccoons and their juvenile came through the door and made their way to the dog’s dishes. The mother was placid and the younger coon as feisty as a teenager, but the father was downright scary and hissed every time we tried to shoo them away with a broom. Finally the mother and father did leave, but the juvenile went straight into the kitchen, somehow got onto the counter, opened the bread box as though knowing what was in there, removed a loaf of bread and tried to leave with it. I wanted her to have it and was almost as disappointed as she when I realized she’d grabbed the wrong end and almost all the bread fell out as she ran across the kitchen counter, dropped down and went out after her parents. That was my close-up meeting with a little raccoon family.

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