Further coyote pup shots!


Today at work, the coyotes were not evident…For a while! I heard excited yipping from the trees, and went to see what I imagined was a food delivery. It was, but the pups were sent away, and all I saw was the adult staring at me balefully. When it saw that I had seen it, it barked and growled. I went back to my ant nest, knowing that I had overstepped my bounds.


Mama or daddy isn’t too happy!

Anyway, when I was packing up to go, I noticed that the tan pup was out. This time I had the 300! I managed to get some shots of it sleeping, and yawning. Evidently the yipping from before was excitement over a meal, as the little tan guy (I think I will call him Tanguy) had a fat belly.


Getting ready to relax.


Yawing is also important.


This little guy will get much bigger, judging by his legs and paws!



4 thoughts on “Further coyote pup shots!

  1. What can I say but “Adorable!” Glad you brought your 300 mm lens as these shots are excellent – sharp and clear!

  2. Beautiful creatures! They have must be very intelligent to have adapted to and survived their difficulty history.

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