Gray-fronted Dove




This post is gonna be short; Catherine and I a prepping for a very long roadtrip to Texas, LA, and eventually to BC to start Catherine’s field season. This is just a video of a Grey-fronted Dove (Leptotila rufaxilla) feeding nestlings at the Nouragues Station in French Guiana.

This nest was right beside the showers in camp, and to get this footage, I set up my camera and started recording, leaving it there until the card filled or the battery ran out. This was a labour intensive process, as the majority of clips recorded were just the bird sitting there and the chicks sleeping.

I think that this clip of feeding made it all worthwhile though, as it gives a rare view of how the chicks “plug in” to the adult to receive their meal of “crop milk

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    • Thanks Mary Anne! We will go through Austin, then will go SW to get close to the Mexican border. The objective is to get some collections of a particular strain of western black widow along the way.

    • We have only 1 week to get from TO to LA…And we are not sure how the spider hunting will be! Otherwise, a full Gulf Coast trip would be preferable!

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