Weekend Expedition 58: fun in Stanley Park


This weekend was quite busy, with the Entomological Society of British Columbia conference taking place Friday and Saturday, taking up most of my time. The conference was quite good, and Catherine and I gave some well-received presentations. This Sunday, I celebrated by heading out to see what I could see in Stanley Park.


The fall colours really make for some gorgeous backgrounds, especially thrown out of focus with wide apertures.


The omnipresent diurnal raccoon crew near Lost Lagoon.


I added some more to my body of crow portraits. I especially like this one’s mouth!


Such gorgeous birds!


Not much was happening on the insect front, perhaps because of the recent heavy rains. I found this Meconema in the rhododendron garden.


Herons are always fun to shoot, even in relatively boring light.


Amanita muscaria, looking good enough to eat (probably shouldn’t though!)


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