Getting started!


So after getting settled in Gualaco and taking care of some red tape, Catherine and I, along with Isidro Zuniga will be headed out to the field tomorrow. We expect to be doing a bit of mapping, and getting familiar with the territory, after which we will attempt to do a call-playback survey for caracaras.

I managed to score some sweet GIS layers from the ICF guys in Tegucigalpa, and from what I am seeing, the caracaras being followed last year are in a belt of forest with very limited human habitation. Apparently they are seen occasionally all around, even as far as just east of Gualaco, but their stronghold seems to be where the people are not. Of course, we have no data of our own yet, but soon we shall see!

I am hoping the terrain will be workable, the caracaras amenable and the weather enjoyable! Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “Getting started!

  1. You certainly have your work cut out for you! Seems really difficult….I hope you can navigate the government and the streams and roads and terrain….and get to where you need to be.
    Keep well…..

  2. If you have time, take a trip up to El Picacho, the top of Sierra de Agalta National Park. The cloud forest is beautiful, and views from the top are stunning. There are Three-wattled Bell Birds there during parts of the year. And make sure you get to know Francisco Urbina, who lives in a village east of Gualaco. He is a very accomplished birder, and a local conservationist who worked with Peace Corps volunteers on park conservation. He will be a great adviser to you.

    Vince Murphy

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