Goodbye to Taiko

The weekend was not all fun times with spiders. We also had to say goodbye to our friend Taiko, the large, and surpringly tough and worldly rottweiler we had known for many years. Taiko suffered a stroke on Saturday, and when we went to see him in the evening, he could no longer walk. He stayed with his beloved owner Buffie through the night, and on Sunday a veterinarian made a house call, and we said goodbye as he was euthanized.  He was happy and comfortable at home during his last moments, surrounded by loved ones. He will be missed.



3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Taiko

  1. My condolences. I wish we lived in a world where people at the end of life experienced the love and respect you showed for Taiko.

  2. I agree with Tony, above. Glad you both were there with Buffy and Taiko, to
    help them with this parting.

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