More camera trapping on the balcony


This past weekend was another work weekend, and in addition, I had a nasty cold. This precluded me from getting out for photography, but Catherine and I did expand our balcony bird buffet!

First off, we decided to see who would come for peanuts:

Second, a different position on the hummingbird feeder results in much better light! This female seems pretty pleased.

And a male to show off his nice gorget.

Here is a homemade suet ball that Catherine made, with all kinds of nuts and grains. The chickadees seemed pretty happy with it.

I also bought a bird feeder at the dollar store, which is not a bad little unit! Very low volume, but seems sturdy enough!

You can see in the photo above, and also in the reflection on the window the video setup. I am just using a light stand to hold the camera, weighed down by a jug of ethanol in a bag.