Students do learn!


Isn’t it gratifying when the lessons you teach your students stick?

Antonia Musso, who was my entomology student in 2010, correctly identified this as a Stonefly (Order Plecoptera) and that they are best preserved in ethanol. She also remembered the most important lesson…Bring the cool insects to me! Adam Blake was quick on the species ID, determining it to be Pternarcys californica (family Pternarcydae). His photo is here.


Antonia and Adam wrangle the Stonefly

IMG_6506 IMG_6517 IMG_6539 IMG_6549 IMG_6571 IMG_6586

By the way, Antonia also has a cool tattoo!


2 thoughts on “Students do learn!

  1. Here is the shot I was taking with my iPhone (with macro lens) in the above photo. Not as nice as Sean’s but not bad for a phone.

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