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Weekend Expedition 12: Indoors!


Sometimes the easiest way to shoot a macro subject is indoors, under carefully controlled conditions. Because the forecast this weekend called for rain, and I had a lot of writing to get done, I spent the weekend at school without any real outdoor adventure. I took a few hours to shoot some captive arthropods and a salmonberry flower from outside the school. I took some time to illustrate the effect of different background lighting on some of the subjects.  Besides the photos you see below, the other results of the Weekend Expedition were mixed: my paper needs major surgery*, and the sac spider you see above escaped during a photo shoot. Good for the spider, not so good for me! Anyway, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

*the good news is Catherine is helping with the “paper surgery”…I think I was just stuck and in need of an outside perspective.

Weekend Expedition Plans: Indoors!

Our gorgeous spring weather has turned back to rainy Vancouver miserableness, so instead of an expedition outdoors, I will do some studio shooting indoors at school (as a short break while writing the last paper of my thesis on caracara predation behaviour). The target of the weekend’s shooting will be captive and indoor spiders such as this male and female western Black Widow (Latrodectus hesperus).