Cheapskate Tuesday 4: 50 mm 1.8


If you need a useful fast lens for a DSLR, why not consider the inexpensive 50 mm 1.8? Canon makes one, Nikon makes one, everyone makes one. They are cheap, they are fast and they are sharp. They are super versatile used as is, and can be excellent for closeups when used with extension tubes (I will cover this in an upcoming post). Normal on full frame and moderate telephoto on an APS-C, they are worth having around.

If you have 100 bucks and no fast prime, go get one (you too, Mike!).

See gallery below for some examples of what it can do.

7 thoughts on “Cheapskate Tuesday 4: 50 mm 1.8

  1. While not a 50mm, I do love my Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX. On a cropped sensor DX camera it gives a normal field of view. I also find that it is great for people and pet portraits, as well as taking photos at the aquarium. The fast lenses are a real boon to pet photography and shooting through glass because you can avoid using flash thereby preventing pet blinks (I turn off the even autofocus assist light) and reflections in the glass.

    PS: Is it just me or does everyone have the same shot of those Pacific Sea Nettles?

  2. Nice shots Adam! I agree, the 35 mm is a great option, and I wish I had one myself. For Canon it does not qualify as “Cheapskate” though, as they are about 400 and up.
    I think the jellyfish tank is designed for visual impact and ease of photography, so that at least some shots are keepers in a tough environment!

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