Weekend Expedition: SFU


SFU, supposedly an “architectural jewel“designed by Artur Erickson looks like a hideous Stalinist prison*, and in many ways it is. But being situated on a forested mountain means that the non-building areas are quite nice, and a great escape if you need to immerse yourself in nature.


The forests are all second growth, although a few old cedars were not chopped down. Most of the mountain is parkland.


The view down the sides of the mountain allow glimpses of Burrard Inlet, which is not as much of a toxic waste dump as you may have thought (although I would not eat the shellfish)


Out behind the Biology Buildings there are some nice wooded paths, where even on a cool February day you can find a firefly or two.


Seems like many insects were out soaking up the sun.


Spring is waiting to be sprung…Hang on spring, you will be called for in June.


This cranefly is a good example of a winter-active creature you can find out flying on a sunny day.

The weevil sunning on a railing rounds out the expedition.



And one more to show that blue skies can exist in Vancouver.

*I know, I know, I probably don’t “get” architecture. But I don’t “get” classical music either, but it still sounds nice to me. These buildings however, look like about the worst kind of ugly I can imagine.

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