Weekend Expedition 11: A composite

This Weekend Expedition is a composite of 3 trips, the first, on Saturday to Boundary Bay, where Catherine and I were shooting pics for the final Wild Research fieldtrip of the winter. The light was pretty awful for photography, but the trip was interesting nonetheless, as we were able to see several species of raptor (including some snowy owls) as well as various passerines.

Sunday I went out with Maia Smith to try out her Canon 7D, specifically the autofocus capabilities thereof for photographing birds in flight…I was amazed at how much easier it was to lock on and stay locked on to flying birds than using my own lazy Canon 60D. This point was driven home forcefully later that day in Deep Cove, where I was unable to get good focus lock on a Red-tailed Hawk and Raven sparring in the sky.   I really need to improve my technique with the flying birds, but perhaps in addition it would help to have a fully capable autofocus system…

Anyway, enjoy the pics below.