A watery world of gulls


If you have ever taken the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, the part with the spectacular scenery is Active Pass. This narrow channel separates Galiano Island on the north from Mayne Island on the south, and is a great place to watch out for wildlife. This time of year, thousands of tiny Bonaparte’s Gulls gather in the pass for feeding prior to migration to breeding grounds inland. These gulls have molted into their breeding plumage, and are quite handsome. They are difficult to get close-up shots of, as they are small and shy, and don’t like french fries. Nonetheless, they add to the feeling of abundant life of the sea-land interface of the Pacific Coast in springtime.



When I can’t get a closeup, a shot like this emphasizing the patterns of the water works nicely too.


Here the subjects are difficult to discern, but I like the juxtaposition of the small gulls and the big ocean.


Here you can see some feeding behavior in a raft of gulls.



The gulls seem to commute from one end of the pass to the other, perhaps following the tides. These waters get turbulent, and I presume lots of organisms get churned out of either end.


Getting out on deck on the ferry for photography is a great way to spend the time. Especially so now that the weather is fine!