Cheapskate Tuesday 31: Cheapskate Diffuser Mark III

Look how battered and sad these diffusers are. This is why I made new ones, and they are definitely more durable

Ok, just a short post on mods to make basically the same diffuser as the Cheapskate Diffuser MK II, but a bit easier, and ending up with a stiffer and more durable product.

These are sized for YongNuo 560 flashes, might be differently sized for a different light. If so, you wanna follow the formulae found on the instructions for the Cheapskate Diffuser Mark II. Where I have indicated patterns there are hyperlinked PDF’s you can download and print. The patterns will make you ones sized for A YongNuo 560 series light, no need for formulae.


1 clear Creatology plastic poster board 

2 white and 2 black adhesive foam sheets

1 sheet OraCal white adhesive backed vinyl

Some self adhesive velcro (Michael’s charges too much for Velcro, better to get at the dollar store).

First cut out the big badboy out of the “clear” poster board (note that it is not anywhere near clear)

Next, adhere the clear vinyl sheet to the smooth side of the badboy. I am smoothing out air bubbles with a paper towel.

Cut off the excess vinyl

Fold the badboy 4 times so there is a rectangle in the middle, keep the rough side of the badboy facing out. The rectangle in the middle is our light-emitting surface!

See? Now it’s all folded.

Get your 9X12″ adhesive backed foam sheets out, you are gonna need them. Cut them according to these patterns for wide and narrow sides. Gonna need 2 wide blacks, 2 narrow blacks, 2 wide whites, and 2 narrow whites. You should be able to get one wide and 1 narrow from a single sheet of foam, so you will need 2 white, 2 black in total.

Stick the horrifying things on, black outside, white inside.


Make sure it is all folded up nicely, add some velcro as needed.


That’s it! Now you have a lot of wasted plastic and such, but you can figure out something to do with it I am sure. It really makes a difference to the durability.