It’s stormy out there!


For the past week, we have been taking care of a golden retreiver, Jackson, who was Maggie’s best friend. Today I took him out to Cattle Point to enjoy the stormy weather. I think Maggie would have approved, although she probably would have swum out in the rough sea (you could not keep her out!).


Jackson takes a more laid-back approach to the ocean, and is fine with just staying on shore.


I love it when the gulls get all streamlined to avoid being blown off the rocks!


Nothing happening here, just an eagle landing near an otter on a beautiful stormy day. A goose looks on in the background.



I wonder what a good surf photographer could do with a waterproof camera hiding out while ducks came by…



2 thoughts on “It’s stormy out there!

  1. “I wonder what a good surf photographer could do with a waterproof camera hiding out while ducks came by…”
    Awesome idea. I’ve been idly toying with the idea of get-as-low-as-you-can shots of ducks here on the prairies, once those ponds and rivers finally melt (won’t be soon – minus 20 this morning here in Saskatoon). My DSLR, a Pentax K-5, has much-touted weathersealing that by reputation is good enough for brief dips into water, as long as it isn’t taken too deep. This requires a matching weathersealed lens, none of which I currently own. For a focal length that might be good enough for water-surface-level duck shots (or in the surf, perhaps, if the weathersealing is as good as some say it is), the price is around $1000 for such a lens, which is well beyond my budget for this spring.
    Still, fun to dream…. and if I do acquire such a lens, I’ll have to keep your surf-duck idea in mind!

    • I suppose it could be done with one of those bag-like contraptions which are not waterproof to great depth, but are near the surface…It is definitely a pricy thing going into water shooting!
      I have always dreamed of making a floating blind with an inner tube and hip waders. I read about it in a book when I was a kid, but I can’t remember the name! You build it to resemble a clump of reeds or a beaver lodge.

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