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Cheapskate Tuesday 21: Sitting on black


Seeing as how last week’s Sitting on White was fun to do, and inspired by this great post by Alex Wild, I decided to shoot some jumpers sitting on black.

To do this, I simply spray painted a sheet of window glass black, and used the unsprayed side as a stage. The lighting was much more simple than Alex’s, just ┬ásingle diffused speedlight overhead. All shots required a good deal of “healing” to remove dust, but in general they came out OK. The better method would be to get a thick piece of glass as Alex described, but I do not have any such on hand, and if I had tried this with the glass suspended, i would get ugly double reflections. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics, and get inspired to try it yourself!



I think this guy could see his reflection!

IMG_0877 IMG_1013-2 IMG_1056




By the way, when I tried to bring in a snooted rim-light, this is what happened. Messy, but kind of cool!