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Mystic Beach


As I was in Victoria yesterday for a short trip to give a talk for the Victoria Natural History Society I decided to take a trip out to Mystic Beach with my brother Colin to grab some photos of the rainforest in spring.



The beach itself was pretty, but kind of dull on an overcast day…


The forest, now that the cold of winter is behind us, was inviting and mysterious…


This large weevil was a lucky find on a shadowy fern.


There were also some lovely spiders, the identities of which I have yet to determine. Update: This is a Tetragnathid of the genus Metelina


The forest had quite few Western Redbacked Salamanders! This was my attempt at “wide angle macro”…I really need a different lens to do this type of photography justice…But I was much inspired by reading this excellent book!


The 100 mm macro and the Cheapskate Diffuser Mark II gives a different perspective on these salamanders.


Colin is a Nikon shooter, but I don’t hold it against him..He gets a lot more photo views on flickr than I do!


The one good Cormorant shot I got…


Salamanders are pretty cute, and a good way to end a blog post…