Wednesday morning walk in a Garry Oak Meadow


This morning I again took Maggie (the dog) to Mt. Tolmie, a great Garry Oak meadow ecosystem. Of course, I brought along my camera. I was not disappointed with the subjects!


Snakeflies seem to be especially abundant in this park

A Philodromid (Running Crab Spider). Genus Tibellus?

A beautiful Northern Alligator Lizard

A beautiful Northern Alligator Lizard

Northern Alligator Lizard

another beautiful Selatosomus edwardsi

another beautiful Selatosomus edwardsi


This is a moth of the genus Adela, but I am unsure what species it is. .

5 thoughts on “Wednesday morning walk in a Garry Oak Meadow

  1. Well, they are a strange habitat, probably maintained by fire. You can find them in BC, Washington and Oregon, and are definitely worth seeing in the spring…I would like to see the Badlands myself!

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