Dawn shots

IMG_7608This morning, I got up before dawn to take some pictures out near Iona Beach. I have not been getting out much recently, and so I thought I would change my routine a bit.


I was out for sleeping insects, and dawn is the best time to find them. It also allows me to mix ambient light with flash illumination in a pleasing way!


Small changes in the angle of the shot result in massive differences in the background. Compare this shot near the sun…


To this shot a few degrees away.


I am always excited to find new things. Here are a couple sleeping bees I have never seen before!


They sleep like many bees I have seen; gripping the vegetation with their mandibles.


I have no idea what these are, so if you have ID suggestions, let me know!


Whatever they are, they are gorgeous!


A bit of nudging got this one to grip the top of the flower.


Of course I could not have a dawn shoot without a Coelioxys!


I found this garter snake under a log.


A closeup with an unusually cooperative model.


I like to donate blood to those in need. This is Aedes dorsalis


There were a bunch of these red clover casebearer adults (Coleophora deauratella) hanging out. I assume they must begin mating before dawn.


For some reason, it is really hard to get a photo to convey their bright metallic wing scales! I will keep working at it!



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    • Thanks! This time of year is great for these types of shots, but the dawn is really early!

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