Epitaph for my friend Maggie

Maggie (6 of 6)

Today, very suddenly, I lost one of my best friends. Maggie had an accident while running around one of her favourite places, Mystic Vale in Victoria, falling suddenly from a height and dying nearly instantly.

Maggie was my mother’s dog, a golden retriever who I met for the first time in 2004. We quickly formed a strong bond, although I lived far away in Florida. Every time I would come home she would greet me with excitement, knowing that soon we would go adventuring together. Maggie loved the outdoors, and luckily enough, she lived in a great place where she could go running freely on outings with my mother once or twice a day.

We had some great fun exploring the wild lands around Victoria, swimming at the beach, or just curling up by the fire together after a long day. She was a great companion and a true friend.

I am completely devastated by her sudden passing, but there is consolation in knowing she died out there running around the forest, doing what she loved. Good bye my dear friend, I will miss you.

mag (2 of 6)

Mags out with my mom.

mag (5 of 6)

Maggie (2 of 6)

A young pup in 2004.

Maggie (5 of 6)

Atop Mt. Tolmie.

mag (6 of 6)

Maggie 2004-2013

14 thoughts on “Epitaph for my friend Maggie

  1. So sorry for your loss. A piece of us goes with them when they leave us. Sounds like you have some wonderful memories of a wonderful friend that will always be with you.

  2. Yes Maggie will be missed by all who knew her as I did; She was always so excited when ever I went there . She would always know I was there before I even got to the door. And always greet me with one of her toys in her mouth and wanting me to play with her . Yes Maggie will be remembered as a great friend.

  3. Sorry to hear about this Sean. I’m glad it was over quickly without any suffering for Maggie. Please give our condolences to Mom.
    Dad and Gabriela

  4. I’m sad to hear about this. I take my dog out hiking often and always, in the back of my mind, worry about him falling from one of the many cliffs that make the landscape at once dangerous and beautiful.

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