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Weekend Expedition: Photo Contest!


A fresh-looking syrphid cleans in preparation for flight.

Hello! Well, the Weekend Expedition has come and gone, and I did go out to take some shots for the Stanley Park Ecology Society‘s photo contest. It was not my best day out shooting, and all I can really say about that is that some days I am “on” and some days I am not. Yesterday I was definitely not “on”.

Going out and looking for a prize winning shot is hard! Nonetheless, I went out and did what I could do. 

Below is a gallery of the candidate shots. Have a look and see what you think! Below the gallery is the selection of five images that I submitted to the contest, with extra commentary on why I chose them.

The final five:


Syrphid: I chose this because the isolation of the detailed subject makes for a powerful image. The colours are nice as well!

Mallard Fight!

Mallard Fight! I chose to submit this because it conveys the aggression and action of these common ducks.

Dung Fly

Dung Fly: Again, an isolated subject and a colourful frame.

This Song Sparrow knows where it's at.

This Song Sparrow knows where it’s at. Chosen because it is nicely detailed and has a “spring feel”

Tailless Reflection

Tailless Reflection: I chose this because I like the distorted reflection. I am not too keen on the  light water below, but it is OK nonetheless.