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Coyote Pups!


Adjacent to my work site yesterday were some coyote pups! They were coming out of their den to sun themselves and play in the weeds. I do not really know what to say about these, other than that they were cute! I wish I had my 300 mm, but did not bring it, so these are all taken with the 100 mm. I was surprised by how dimorphic they were, with the dark one looking a bit dog-like. It is common for urban coyotes to have some dog admixture in their heritage, so perhaps that explains it.

I had been doing work at this same site in the fall, and would often look up from my ant nests to see an adult coyote watching me from a short distance away. The adult coyote never even tried to steal my lunch, although that would have been easy. It seems these coyotes have learned to coexist with humans relatively well.


Oh my. What does he have there?


Uh oh. Looks vaguely cat-like!


Not super hungry, obviously, the pup was just transferring this morsel to safety (maybe he thought I liked eating cat butt).


After a little while, the tan pup comes out.


Dawww! This one looks much more typical. 


Lets go over here!


These pups had lots of debris to play around in.


And a brief patch of sun to lie in.


teh cute.


Taking time to smell the flowers.


The pups grimace as a vehicle approaches.


The dark one scratched a whole lot.


Ahhh. Coyote pups at work! What could be better?

Danger! Love! Sleeping! Owl nest has it all!


I went back to photograph the Great Horned owl nest yesterday, and it was much like many bird nests I have taken shots at. Somewhat boring, with brief moments of excitement.


The shoot started with the two chicks taking a nap, with brief stretching and alert periods.


Things got interesting when this Cooper’s Hawk showed up…I thought the adults were asleep, but the one perched above my head gave chase. Danger averted!


Here is the hawk watching from a distance.


This was my attempt to get the landing of an adult on the nest… Not too easy in the low light!


The chicks look interested though.



Here is the adult scoping out a dog and walker.


The adult actually managed to squeeze in there!



A comfy chick cuddles up to its alert parent.


For more owl goodness, check out this video below.

Baby Raccoon Break 2!


After last night’s depressing post, I got a bit of a lift from some raccoons that we found on the way to the lab. I reckon this is the same family I shot a few weeks ago. This time they apparently came into the lab, and when Catherine and I came upon them, they were scavenging in a dumpster outside the Chemistry Building. Anyway, enjoy the baby raccoon break!

lab inspection

Surprise lab inspection! Photo by Mike Hrabar.


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