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Post-lunch break!


The sun was shining, the MS revisions were nearly done, I went out to take a break after lunch.


A Stropharia something like Stropharia aeruginosa, near the Community Garden.


These are some of the most common flies around now!


There were caterpillars under the dying rhubarb leaves.


The Acanthosomatid stinkers are still hanging around.


All kinds of crazy Amanita muscaria coming up all over campus.

Productive slacking


Occasionally, when it is a nice day out, it is too much to be good and stay in…Even when I am fighting the good fight, writing grant proposals and revising manuscripts, sometimes the lure of the outdoors becomes irresistible. This morning was one of those times. Just before lunch, I grabbed my camera and headed out to shoot for 40 minutes in the SFU Community Garden.  I am glad I did, because it was the most productive 40 minutes shooting in a long while!


I was extremely excited to see these beautiful halictids out.  I am pretty sure this is Agapostemon but it is hard to tell with the tibia so loaded with pollen!


I thought there might be a spider associated with this dead Cabbage White, but the only thing feeding was this fly. Pretty cool anyhow!



This Philodromid gives a good lesson in persistence and struggling through adversity.


I really can’t get enough of these Halictids. They are just like living jewels!




The crème de la crème of the outing was this beautiful Laphria with a honeybee. I only had a short time with this beauty, as the strong wind caused it to fly far when I startled it.

So overall, my little adventure produced some decent shots! To top it off, when I returned to the lab I got an email informing me that a paper I am coauthor on had been accepted for publication in the Canadian Entomologist. Productive slacking! Is there anything better?