Moth Week Expedition at SFU!


Last night, in celebration of National Moth Week, we set up a sheet and some lights near the Insectary Annex at SFU to see what kinds of nocturnal insects we could attract. Because the location offered a clear view of the woods, we brought in a substantial number of the scaly, winged creatures. About 15 people came to enjoy the show, and we saw some pretty cool moths and other nocturnal beasties!








Check out the gallery below to see some of the insects and spiders we found!


2 thoughts on “Moth Week Expedition at SFU!

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  2. I’m impressed at how fast you get your photos processed, uploaded, and into a blogpost. Without the prompting of your post It probably would have taken me well into next week to get my post up. Anyways I put a post about the evening here ( I found an ID on our green moth. Turn out we were way off base with a Pale Beauty.

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