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Weekend Expedition 51: Wild Research Butterfly ID workshop


This weekend, I went to the UBC Botanical Garden to cover another Butterfly ID workshop for Wild Research. This was very similar to last year’s event, basically a crash course in family and species-level ID of BC butterflies and a pitch to take part in the BC Butterfly Atlas project. This project is a citizen science initiative aimed at documenting diversity and trends among butterfly species across the province.  The classroom learning in the morning was followed by a walk around the grounds to catch and ID butterflies found amid the large botanical collection, which represents several BC habitat types.


Getting the ID sheet squared away with the field guides.


This kid was the focus of much of my attention! Super cute and periodically voicing her opinion on the proceedings.



ID quiz!


Seriously, the kid was pretty adorable.


We learned about diversity and ecology of butterflies, as well as planting a garden with butterflies in mind.


Butterflies can get to be about this big! (Taisha Mitchell was actually talking about planting for butterflies, and did a great job!)


I think I can see the speaker and the screen in her glasses. Enhance!


Well I guess that only works in the movies…




A Western Tiger Swallowtail in the garden.



Captive-reared Painted Ladies were on hand in case no wild ones showed up!


I am not sure what she is planning to do with this Painted Lady, but my guess is eat it!


A beautiful Halictid on the way to the Alpine section.


Getting familiar with the sweep net is an important component of the indoctrination training.



The pond in the Alpine section is actually a good place to find Pacific Treefrogs!


Highlights from the Wild Research Butterfly Workshop

Today I helped out with a Wild Research workshop on the BC Butterfly Atlas and citizen science at UBC Botanical Garden. Here are a few of the memorable pics.


not a butterfly! An Arctiid moth!


Painted Lady



Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui, Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)


A White-crowned Sparrow sings his heart out!


A Halictid, likely in the genus Agapostemon.


It gets exciting!


Mourning Cloak (Nympahlis antiopa, Nympahidae)



Did I ever mention we have European Fire Ants (Myrmica rubra) in Vancouver now?






Weekend Expedition 2: Stanley Park with Wild Research

This weekend expedition was much like any you might venture to make on a winter day in Vancouver: grey and rainy! The rain was not severe though, so with the camera protected by a big umbrella, I headed out with Wild Research for a birdwatching trip led by Elly Knight, a grassland songbird researcher at SFU. The mission today was to get out and see some waterbirds as well as some passerines that make their homes in wintertime Vancouver. I was along to document the fun, as well as to offer my own, often unreliable, ID help! Click on any image below to see a gallery of the resulting shots.